Drink & Coffee

Kastraki (Bar)

erga, place of unique beauty lived from the antiquity. It took her modern name from the sticks that used Maniates in order to cover the gorge to fight in 1825 the army of Imprahim. Here was created one unique place of amusement! Travel in the space and time. The stone, the boiling hot sun, Messinian gulf and Kalamata, they are only offered for your eyes.

Arossa (Bar)

A uniquely stylish refurbished space where you can contemplate the unique view of the whole Messinian Bay, enjoying a refreshing cocktail in the lounge accompanied by music, and special event all summer!

Etoile De Luxe (Bar)

One of the must in the nightlife entertainment of Kalamata. Great venue levels, spectacular views and great cocktails, accompanied by mainstream musical sounds and some of the most beautiful faces of the city.

Bostroteca (Bar – Cafe – Restaurant)

The Bistroteca on the central square of Kalamata is a new space created in the center of Kalamata to give new perspective to our enjoyment.

The combination of old and new is the right environment to enjoy your coffee, your drink while your food !!

Athanasiou (Bar – Cafe – Restaurant)

The cafés / patisseries Athanasiou, maintaining unparalleled quality materials combined with the relaxed and intimate character of the venue, offers visitors a warm environment with light cuisine. Enjoy your pizza or coffee with sumptuous brunches. Leaving not forget to take along the known since 1938 syrupy sweet.